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Tokyo Disney Food: Everything We Ate & More at Tokyo DisneySea

Tokyo DisneySea, renowned for its captivating attractions and immersive atmosphere, is not only a haven for thrill-seekers and Disney lovers of all ages, but also a paradise for food enthusiasts. Join us as we take a delicious journey through Tokyo DisneySea, recapping all the mouth-watering treats we indulged in and giving you a taste of what to expect when you visit!

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What to Expect: Tokyo Disney Food

At Tokyo Disney Resort, culinary exploration is an integral part of the enchanting experience. From diverse international cuisine to immersive themed restaurants like Cinderella's Royal Table and Magellan's, the resort caters to a variety of tastes. Unique snacks, such as soy sauce and butter popcorn, add a touch of novelty. Special events and festivals introduce themed food and drinks throughout the year, creating a dynamic and exciting dining atmosphere. With conveniently located dining options and a plethora of choices, Tokyo Disney Resort ensures that every visit is a flavorful and magical journey for both food enthusiasts and Disney lovers alike.

Limited Edition & Seasonal Foods

Our visit to Tokyo DisneySea overlapped with Tokyo Disney Resort's 40th Anniversary celebrations, "Dream Go Round". So, a number of the food items we indulged in during our visit may no longer be available once the anniversary celebrations conclude later this year. However, fear not, because that is part of the charm of Tokyo DisneySea (and Tokyo Disney Resort as a whole) - food menus and merchandise change with the seasons adding a touch of exclusivity to your Disney experience. 

Eating Our Way Through Tokyo DisneySea 

It's time to recount everything we ate at Tokyo DisneySea and rate our favorite Tokyo Disney foods. We attempted to capture photos of all of our eats at Tokyo DisneySea, but our hunger got the best of us on a couple of occasions, leading to some forgetful moments. Oops!

Stop #1: Bayside Takeout in Tokyo DisneySea's Port Discovery

We started our day at Tokyo DisneySea with food! As you get to know Brian and I through our Jetset Seeker blogs and social media pages, you will quickly come to learn that we love to eat and try new foods as we travel. (Also, for full transparency, we technically started our day at Tokyo DisneySea by snagging fast passes on the Tokyo Disney Resort App and then buying some adorable magic carpet-themed Minnie ears, but that is not as exciting as all of the food content to come.) As we made our way towards Port Discovery for our first ride - Nemo & Friends SeaRider - we stopped for our first bite to eat at Bayside Takeout right near the ride's entrance. We got an assortment of food and drinks: a crème brûlée churro, a chicken and shrimp sushi roll, a hot orange drink, and a Kirin Ichiban beer (not pictured).

Would it be a trip to Disney without a churro? Probably not! Churros have been a coveted Disney snack since the 1980s when they first launched at Disneyland in California, so it only makes sense that Tokyo Disney Resort sells churros too. From our exploring around the park, it seemed like there were three different churro varieties (at least from what we noticed) available at Tokyo DisneySea: crème brûlée, potato, and the traditional churro in a fun Mickey shape. The crème brûlée churro was very sweet but tasty! As a self-proclaimed churro connoisseur, I was definitely impressed. The price for one churro was ¥600 and we rate it a 4/5. 


I also ordered a hot orange drink that was honey flavored because I was cold and thought it sounded tasty! It was really delicious and helped warm me up, but to be completely honest, I really don't know what was in it! The hot orange drink was listed as a Tokyo Disney Resort's 40th Anniversary celebrations, "Dream Go Round" exclusive menu item. The price was ¥600 and we rate it a 5/5. 


While I munched on my churro, Brian got a shrimp and chicken cutlet sushi roll for ¥550. He was nice enough to share a bite with me and it was pretty good. We liked how the sushi roll was not sliced to make it easier to eat in this quick service dining environment. The shrimp and chicken cutlet combination was different from any of the other sushi we had on our trip to Japan, but we were not the craziest about it being served cold. It was not bad though, we rate it 3/5.


Last but not least, Brian got a Kirin Ichiban draft beer for ¥750. It is a lager-style beer and a little hoppy, but overall pretty refreshing. It had a light taste for a lager. Since it was far from the most exciting food or beverage item we had all day, we rate it a 3/5. 

A quick note about alcohol at Tokyo Disney Resort...

Tokyo Disney Resort sells a variety of alcoholic beverages throughout the parks, from wine and beer to fancy cocktails. They are sold at both sit-down restaurants and food carts throughout the parks. The drinking age in Japan is 20 and it is strictly enforced. 

Stop #2: Nautilus Galley at the Mysterious Island 

After riding a few rides, we found ourselves in the Mysterious Island which is probably the coolest area of Tokyo DisneySea. While it was technically lunchtime, we just wanted a snack and some drinks to help keep us warm. We ventured to the Nautilus Galley which offers a very cool view of the Nautilus submarine (based on the Jules Verne novels Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea and The Mysterious Island). It gave off steampunk vibes and was definitely unique compared to any other Disney park we've visited in the past. 

Our snack consisted of mulled red wine and a gyoza dog that we shared. The mulled red wine was ¥780 (per glass) and the gyoza dog was ¥600. Both were great and exactly what we wanted since we were waiting for a bit later in the day to have lunch.

The mulled red wine absolutely hit the spot. In fact, it was our favorite drink of the day. (The mulled red wine is exclusive to winter at Tokyo Disney Resort, sold from November through March.) We rate it 5/5. 

The gyoza dog was tasty too, with the dough soft and perfectly chewy. It was filled with pork sausage and cabbage. It is also worth noting that the Nautilus Galley is the only place at Tokyo Disney Resort where you can get this delicious snack. We rate it 4/5.


Stop #3: Lunch at the Casbah Food Court in the Arabian Coast

After a few more rides, it was officially time for a late lunch in the Arabian Coast! The Arabian Coast is decorated as a tribute to Aladdin and the world of Arabian Nights. The architecture in this area pulls from many iconic monuments, but my favorite was the fountain of the lions in the center of the Arabian Coast port-of-call. The fountain is based on the iconic Patio de Los Leones at the Alhambra Palace in Granada, Spain! 

Anyways, back to the food. We selected the Casbah Food Court since we were craving curry. It was cold outside and honestly there is nothing more comforting in my opinion than a hot plate of curry with naan bread!  

We had one plate of beef curry for ¥1,100 which was medium on the spice level. We also had one plate of chicken curry for ¥900 which was on the sweeter side. Both curry dishes came with rice and naan bread. Brian also got an oolong tea for ¥300. We failed to grab pictures here since we were hungry and the camera did not get to eat first. Oh well! 

We really enjoyed the curry! It was a lot of food too, so it ended up being well worth the price! We rate both curry dishes 5/5. 

Stop #4: Green Alien Mochi at the Lost River Delta

After another couple of rides, we were ready for a snack as we made our way towards the Lost River Delta port-of-call. The Lost River Delta is made to look like a Central American Rainforest with a large Mesoamerican pyramid in the center. 

We were here in search of the most iconic Tokyo Disney Resort snack - Green Alien Mochi! They are sold at a few places in both Tokyo DisneySea and Tokyo Disneyland. We found them quite easily too. There was a long line for a food cart right across from the entrance to Indiana Jones Adventure: Temple of the Crystal Skull, and they were absolutely worth the wait!


The Green Alien Mochi are sold as a set of three, each a different flavor: custard, strawberry, and chocolate. The price was ¥400 for the set of three. The mochi was truly delicious and a real treat! We were thrilled, too, that they lived up to our expectations. Each flavor was great, although, I think chocolate was my favorite. We rate these adorable little guys 5/5!

Tokyo DisneySea_L w Green Alien Mochi

If you love the Green Alien Mochi as much as we did, then you will be happy to know that you can buy a package of nine as a souvenir from your trip! We picked up a package to take home in Valentina's Sweets - the largest confectionary shop in Tokyo DisneySea - located in the Mediterranean Harbor port-of-call. 

Stop #5: Seaside Snack Between Port Discovery & American Waterfront 

After some more walking, rides, and enjoying all that Tokyo DisneySea has to offer, we were ready for another snack. We were making our way between Port Discovery and the American Waterfront when we stumbled across the Seaside Snack stand selling the Mickey ukiwaman - a limited edition menu item for Tokyo Disney Resort's 40th Anniversary. (The name ukiwaman is a reference to its lifesaver shape, or "ukiwa" in Japanese.) Not only was the Mickey ukiwaman adorable, but it was so good too! It was a steam bun filled with a chicken teriyaki bean paste! 


The Mickey ukiwaman cost ¥750 and we rate it 5/5. It was Brian's favorite Tokyo Disney food item of our trip to Tokyo DisneySea!


Stop #6: Popcorn in the American Waterfront 

We could not end our day at Tokyo DisneySea without popcorn and boy, were we spoiled for choice! The popcorn selection has everything from regular 'ole popcorn with salt to crazy flavors like garlic shrimp. We ultimately played it safe and picked pistachio in the American Waterfront. A small popcorn cost ¥400 and is another a limited edition menu item for Tokyo Disney Resort's 40th Anniversary.

Tokyo DisneySea Popcorn

While I prefer more savory popcorn flavors, the pistachio popcorn was a little on the sweet side. Although, not as sweet as a caramel popcorn. I would rate the pistachio popcorn as a 2.5/5, but Brian rates it higher at a 4/5. It was honestly the only Tokyo Disney food of the day that I would not get again.

One other thing to mention about popcorn is that normally it is frowned upon in Japan to eat while you walk, but popcorn seemed to largely be exempt from this Japanese etiquette rule. 

Everything You Need to Know about Popcorn at Tokyo Disney Resort

The popcorn selection at Tokyo Disney Resort is out of this world! The list of flavors and choices is practically endless with different carts throughout the parks selling different flavors. Some of the most iconic flavors at Tokyo DisneySea include: garlic shrimp, curry, black pepper, soy sauce and butter, and matcha white chocolate. If we ever have the opportunity to return to Tokyo Disney Resort, I would definitely try one of the more exotic flavor options like garlic shrimp or curry! 

There is almost a cult-like following of the collectible and refillable popcorn buckets too. You will see Disney visitors of all ages wear them throughout the parks and get them refilled with various flavors throughout the day. The popcorn buckets come in some adorable designs from Pooh's honey pot, to the doors from Monster's Inc., and ones featuring Duffy and friends. Many of the popcorn buckets are limited edition items that resell for crazy amounts of money online. Brian really wanted a popcorn bucket, but we knew we did not have room in our suitcase to bring it back home. The popcorn buckets in the Tokyo Disney Resort parks range in price from ¥2,800 to ¥3,400. You can also buy popcorn tongs, shaped like Mickey's hands, for ¥800. 

Other Famous Tokyo Disney Food

As you probably know by now, Tokyo Disney foods are top-notch and there are so many iconic and famous foods to try! Since our appetites are only so big, we could not try everything. Here are a few other famous Tokyo Disney food:

Magellan's Restaurant 

Magellan's at Tokyo DinseySea is widely considered the best theme park restaurant in the entire world. Magellan's is an upscale dining experience at Tokyo DisneySea, located in the Mediterranean Harbor. Themed as a lavish 16th-century Renaissance banquet hall inspired by explorer Ferdinand Magellan, the restaurant offers an immersive atmosphere with intricate details and elegant decor. Guests can enjoy a diverse menu featuring international cuisine, including seafood and steak options, while soaking in the ambiance of nautical artifacts and Old World charm. With its unique setting and gourmet offerings, Magellan's is a popular choice for those seeking a refined dining experience within the magical realm of Tokyo DisneySea.

Advance reservations for Magellan's are required. Additional information regarding Magellan's and reservations can be made here.

Mike Wazowski Melon Bread 

One of the cutest snacks at Tokyo Disney Resort is the Mike Wazowski melon bread (melon pan) filled with cream. It sells for ¥500 and can be found in both Tokyo DisneySea (at Mamma Biscottis Bakery in the Mediterranean Harbor) and Tokyo Disneyland. 

Ice Cream & Ice Bars 

It was cold during our visit to Tokyo DisneySea in January, so we skipped out on all of the ice cream and ice bar offerings. However, one of the most popular is the sea salt monaka sold at Tokyo DisneySea in the Mermaid Lagoon port-of-call. It features a sea salt ice cream served in a pink seashell wafter. 

Seafood Pizza

Another popular Tokyo Disney food is seafood pizza. It can be found at both Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea. A single slice is available at Tokyo Disneyland for ¥600. At Tokyo DisneySea, seafood pizza can be ordered at Ristorante di Canaletto and in calzone-form in the Mermaid Lagoon for ¥800. If you are looking for the seafood pizza at Tokyo DisneySea, just know that Ristorante di Canaletto requires reservations. Additional information about Ristorante di Canaletto can be found here.

Recapping Our Tokyo Disney Food

In conclusion, our culinary journey through Tokyo Disney has been nothing short of magical. As we reflect on our time at Tokyo DisneySea, one thing is certain: the food at Tokyo Disney Resort is absolutely fantastic. From the themed dining experiences to the unique snacks and seasonal offerings, every meal was a memorable adventure in itself. From the green alien mochi to the curry and naan bread, mulled wine, and more, we thoroughly enjoyed all that Tokyo DisneySea had to offer in terms of the food. We hope to have the opportunity to return one day and indulge in more delicious eats. Arigatou gozaimasu, Tokyo Disney, for an unforgettable day filled with Disney magic and some truly amazing food!

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Have you visited Tokyo Disney Resort and have any favorite Tokyo Disney foods? We would love to hear from you!

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