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Tokyo Disney Resort • 東京ディズニーリゾート 

So you're planning a trip to Tokyo Disney Resort? Dive into our comprehensive travel guide covering everything you need to know about the theme parks and the must-do experiences awaiting you.

Tokyo Disney Resort Guide: The Happiest Place in Japan

Step into the captivating world of Tokyo Disney Resort, a place where the enchantment of Disney meets Japan's vibrant culture. Located just outside the bustling energy of Tokyo in Urayasu, this magical destination invites you to embark on an unforgettable journey. Our comprehensive Tokyo Disney Resort guide is your key to unlocking the wonders of Tokyo Disney Resort, offering insider tips, must-visit attractions, and essential insights for creating your dream vacation in the Land of the Rising Sun.

Tokyo Disney Resort boasts two spectacular theme parks: Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea. Both parks feature world-class entertainment, parades, and seasonal events, ensuring there's always something new and exciting to discover. Alongside six Disney-branded hotels and Ikspiari shopping complex, it is a world-class destination offering immersive Disney experiences. For visitors to Tokyo, a day or two at Tokyo Disney Resort provides a magical escape, blending iconic Disney attractions with Japanese hospitality, making it an essential addition to any Tokyo itinerary. With meticulous attention to detail and impeccable theming, Tokyo Disney Resort offers an unforgettable experience for visitors of all ages. 

Tokyo Disney Resort Guide: Quick Tips

Tokyo DisneySea: Top Attractions

Tokyo DisneySea, unique to Japan, takes guests on a journey through eight beautifully themed ports, each with its own immersive storytelling and attractions. The newest port, called Fantasy Springs opened in June 2024 and features the worlds of Frozen, Tangled, and Peter Pan's Neverland. From the bustling streets of Mediterranean Harbor to the mystical world of the Mermaid Lagoon, Tokyo DisneySea offers a one-of-a-kind adventure that celebrates the spirit of exploration and imagination. Some of the must-see highlights include:

  • Mediterranean Harbor - The picturesque entry port of Tokyo DisneySea, featuring Venetian-style architecture, gondola rides, and a beautiful waterfront.
  • Tower of Terror - A thrilling drop tower attraction set in the mysterious Hotel Hightower, where guests experience unexpected twists and turns.
  • Journey to the Center of the Earth - Unique to Tokyo DisneySea and based on the Jules Verne novel by the same name, Journey to the Center of the Earth is a high-speed thrill ride that takes guests on an expedition deep into the earth's core, featuring stunning scenery and encounters with mythical creatures.
  • Indiana Jones Adventure: Temple of the Crystal Skull - An immersive adventure through ancient ruins, where guests join Indiana Jones on a quest to uncover the secrets of the crystal skull.
  • Raging Spirits - Unique to Tokyo DisneySea, Raging Spirits is an exciting roller coaster adventure through the ruins of an ancient Inca civilization, offering thrilling twists, drops, and a loop-the-loop element.
  • Soaring: Fantastic Flight - With state-of-the-art technology and captivating storytelling, Soaring: Fantastic Flight is an immersive flight simulation attraction that takes guests on a breathtaking journey over iconic landscapes and landmarks from around the world.
  • Mermaid Lagoon - An underwater kingdom inspired by Disney's "The Little Mermaid," featuring family-friendly rides and interactive experiences.
  • 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea - Based on the classic Jules Verne novel of the same name, guests embark on a simulated underwater voyage aboard a submarine, encountering various sea creatures and exploring mysterious underwater landscapes.
Tokyo DisneySea_Mermaid Lagoon

Tokyo Disneyland: Top Attractions

Tokyo Disneyland, modeled after the original Disneyland in California, offers a classic Disney experience with familiar attractions, beloved characters, and enchanting lands like Fantasyland, Adventureland, and Tomorrowland. Tokyo Disneyland offers a plethora of highlights, enchanting visitors with its classic Disney charm and iconic attractions. Some of the must-see highlights include:

  • Cinderella's Castle The centerpiece of Tokyo Disneyland, this majestic castle serves as a symbol of magic and imagination. It was modeled after the one in Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World in Orlando, FL.
  • Pirates of the Caribbean - Embark on the classic swashbuckling adventure with Captain Jack Sparrow and sail through a pirate-infested Caribbean world.
  • Haunted Mansion - Enter the eerie abode of 999 happy haunts and experience a delightfully spooky journey through this classic attraction.
  • Pooh's Hunny Hunt - Exclusive to Tokyo Disneyland, join Winnie the Pooh and his friends on an interactive adventure through the Hundred Acre Wood in this whimsical and innovative dark ride.
  • The Happy Ride with Baymax - Exclusive to Tokyo Disneyland and based on the popular Disney movie "Big Hero 6," this family-friendly ride invites guests to join Baymax, the lovable inflatable robot, on an exciting journey.
  • Monsters Inc., Ride & Go Seek! - Exclusive to Tokyo Disneyland, guests join Mike and Sulley on a quest to collect laugh energy by using flashlights to find hidden monsters throughout Monstropolis.
  • Space Mountain - A thrilling indoor roller coaster classic that takes riders on a high-speed journey through outer space, complete with exhilarating twists, turns, and cosmic effects.
  • Big Thunder Mountain Railroad - A Disney classic, this wild-west themed roller coaster sends riders on a thrilling adventure through an abandoned mine, featuring sharp turns and sudden drops.
  • It's a Small World - Embark on a whimsical boat ride around the globe and enjoy the iconic song in this beloved classic attraction celebrating unity and diversity.
  • Enchanted Tale of Beauty and the Beast - Exclusive to Tokyo Disneyland, this attraction takes guests on an immersive journey into the beloved tale of Beauty and the Beast, bringing the enchanting story to life in stunning detail.
  • Tokyo Disneyland Electrical Parade Dreamlights - Exclusive to Tokyo Disneyland, witness the dazzling spectacle of lights and music as beloved Disney characters illuminate the night in this captivating parade. 
Tokyo Disney Resort_Monorail

Tokyo Disney Resort Tickets

Tickets for Tokyo DisneySea can be purchased directly through the official Tokyo Disney Resort website, here. If you run into any difficulties purchasing tickets through the official Tokyo Disney Resort website, you can also purchase tickets for Tokyo DisneySea via GetYourGuide. If you book an experience or tour through our GetYourGuide affiliate link, we may earn a small commission.

Tickets for Tokyo Disneyland can be purchased directly through the official Tokyo Disney Resort website, here. If you run into any difficulties purchasing tickets through the official Tokyo Disney Resort website, you can also purchase tickets for Tokyo Disneyland via GetYourGuide. If you book an experience or tour through our GetYourGuide affiliate link, we may earn a small commission.

Ticket FAQs

  • How far in advance can I buy tickets to Tokyo Disneyland and/or Tokyo DisneySea? - Tickets can be purchased online up to two months in advance.
  • What do I need to purchase tickets to Tokyo Disney Resort? - To purchase tickets, a Disney account is required. If you already have one, there is no need to create a new account specifically for Tokyo Disney Resort. Additionally, a credit card is necessary (preferably without foreign transaction fees as charges will be in Japanese yen).
  • What are the different ticket options? - There are three different ticket options for visitors to Tokyo Disney Resort. The most common (and popular) is the 1-Day Passport which is standard admission from opening time and valid for one park on the date specified on the ticket. For those not wanting to spend all day in the parks, there are two other ticket options: Early Evening Passport and Weeknight Passport. The Early Evening Passport is valid after 3:00 PM on weekends and holidays. The Weeknight Passport is valid after 5:00 PM on weekdays (excluding holidays). 
  • What is the ticket pricing like? - Ticket pricing is dependent on the ticket type and date of visit. In general, the 1-Day Passport tickets for adults (age 18+) range between ¥7,900-10,900. Tickets for juniors (age 12-17) range between ¥6,600-9,000. Tickets for children (age 4-11) range between ¥4,000-5,600. Children under the age of three are free. As a rule of thumb, weekends are typically more expensive than weekdays. Peak cherry blossom viewing season (March and April) are also more expensive than other times of the year. Additionally, visitors with disabilities are eligible for discounted tickets
  • Are the tickets digital and how do I access them? - Tickets are digital and can be accessed via the Tokyo Disney Resort App. Make sure you download the app prior to arriving at Tokyo Disney Resort and login with the same login credentials as the Disney account you used when purchasing your tickets.
Tokyo Disney Resort_Monorail_Mickey Heads

A Taste of Tokyo Disney Resort

The food at Tokyo Disney Resort is truly top-notch and also very affordable. Honestly, we think the food alone is a reason to visit Tokyo Disney Resort! 

Specialty Foods

Tokyo Disney Resort is known for quite a few specialties: 
  • Green Alien Mochi - The green alien mochi at Tokyo Disney Resort are adorable and delicious treats inspired by the lovable green aliens from Toy Story. The green alien mochi come in three flavors: chocolate, strawberry, and custard. They were hands down our favorite snack at Tokyo Disney Resort!
  • Churros - Churros at Tokyo Disney Resort are a beloved treat that combines the classic Spanish dessert with a whimsical Disney twist. From traditional churros to ones shaped like Mickey Mouse, and unique seasonal flavors (we had a crème brûlée churro during our visit), churros are a must eat during a visit to Tokyo Disney Resort. 
  • Specialty Popcorn - At Tokyo Disney Resort, popcorn is not just a snack—it's an experience! With a wide array of unique and delicious flavors, popcorn has become a must-try treat for visitors. Some popular popcorn varieties at Tokyo Disney Resort include: curry, garlic shrimp, soy sauce and butter, matcha white chocolate, pistachio, caramel, and milk chocolate.
  • Japanese Curry - Japanese curry is known for its rich and savory flavor, characterized by a thick, mildly spiced sauce made from a blend of onions, carrots, potatoes, and curry spices. Japanese curry is a popular menu item at many of the quick-service restaurants and food stalls throughout Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea.
  • Castella Cakes - Castella cake, also known as kasutera, is a type of sponge cake that originated in Portugal but became popular in Japan during the 16th century. It is characterized by its soft and fluffy texture and sweet flavor. At Tokyo Disney Resort, castella cakes come in a variety of flavors and designs, including chocolate and strawberry. 
  • Seasonal Foods - The menus at Tokyo Disney Resort constantly change with the seasons and special events at the parks. During our visit, many restaurants and quick service food stands had specialty items related to Tokyo Disney Resort's 40th anniversary. This included items like a hot orange drink and a Mickey-shaped ukiwa bun filled with a chicken teriyaki bean paste.
  • Japanese Food - From gyoza dogs to sushi rolls, noodle bowls, and more, there are a lot of Japanese food options available at Tokyo Disney Resort.
  • Cocktails & Drinks - Alcoholic beverages are sold at Tokyo Disney Resort, as well as sodas, milk, and juices. During winter months, you can also find hot chocolate and mulled wine. Water is typically sold in vending machines throughout the park. 

Sit-Down Restaurants 

The food at quick service restaurants and food stands was truly phenomenal at Tokyo Disney Resort, but there are plenty of sit-down restaurants if you're looking for a more upscale meal. Magellan's at Tokyo DisneySea comes very highly recommended, but requires advance reservations. 

There are a variety of cuisines available from Italian to seafood, steak, traditional Japanese cuisine, and more. Reservations for any of the sit-down restaurants at Tokyo Disney Resort, including those at hotels, can be made here

Outside of the Parks


The Tokyo Disney Resort hotels all have restaurants on premise. With an assortment of cuisines available, there are plenty of options to enjoy. Since we did not stay on premise, we cannot provide more insight or recommendations into the restaurants at the Tokyo Disney Resort hotels, but if they are as good as those in the parks, then you are in for a real treat!

Reservations for any of the sit-down restaurants at Tokyo Disney Resort, including those at hotels, can be made here


Ikspiari at Tokyo Disney Resort is a bustling shopping, dining, and entertainment complex, similar to Disney Springs or Downtown Disney, offering over 140 shops, restaurants, a movie theater complex, and live entertainment for visitors to enjoy just outside the entrances to Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea. More information can be found here.

Pistachio Popcorn at Tokyo DisneySea

Shopping at Tokyo Disney Resort

Exploring the shops at Tokyo Disney Resort offers a unique contrast to Walt Disney World in Orlando, FL. Unlike the numerous gift shops everywhere and at the end of each ride, Tokyo Disney Resort creates a distinctive shopping ambiance with fewer stores, less focus on apparel and toys, and a greater emphasis on limited-edition or specialty items.

Some specialty souvenirs even come with restrictions on the quantity you can purchase per visit. During our trip coinciding with Tokyo Disney Resort's 40th Anniversary, we were restricted to purchasing only one set of commemorative pins to mark the occasion.

It is also worth noting that some stores within the Tokyo Disney Resort parks require a Standby Pass. These are typically stores that sell the specialty souvenirs, capsule toys, or   Be sure to check the Tokyo Disney Resort app for more information and be sure to obtain a Standby Pass if it is a store you want to go into. 

Popular Souvenirs 

Below are just a few examples of the popular souvenirs available at Tokyo Disney Resort:

Duffy & Friends - Duffy is a beloved Disney character originating from Tokyo DisneySea. He is a teddy bear given as a gift to Mickey Mouse by Minnie Mouse to keep him company during his travels around the world. Duffy quickly became a fan favorite at Tokyo Disney Resort, where he was introduced as Mickey's cuddly companion. In addition to Duffy, you can also find many of his friends including ShellieMay (a female teddy bear), Gelatoni (an artistic cat), StellaLou (a lavender-colored bunny with dreams of becoming a dancer), and CookieAnn (a chef dog with a passion for baking). Duffy and his friends have inspired a wide range of merchandise, including plush toys, clothing, accessories, and even food items featuring their adorable designs.

Plush Toys - Plush toys sold at Tokyo Disney Resort are ever popular souvenirs, featuring a wide array of beloved Disney characters dressed in various costumes and outfits to match the themes and seasons of the parks. You may even be able to find plush versions of Mickey and Minnie Mouse dressed in traditional Japanese kimono! 

Popcorn Buckets - The popcorn buckets at Tokyo Disney Resort are iconic and highly sought-after souvenirs among visitors. These colorful and whimsical containers come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and designs, often themed to match the seasons, holidays, popular Disney characters, or specific attractions within the parks.

Hats & Minnie Ears - Tokyo Disney Resort offers a wide variety of hat styles to suit different tastes and preferences. From classic Minnie ear headbands to plush character hats, visitors can find an assortment of designs to choose from that are unique to Tokyo Disney Resort.

Bag Charms - Bag charms are popular souvenirs among visitors to Tokyo Disney Resort, offering a fun and whimsical way to personalize belongings and showcase Disney fandom. These charming trinkets come in a variety of designs, featuring beloved Disney characters, icons, and themes. Guests can choose from an assortment of bag charms, including plush keychains and character figurines.

Candies & Sweets - At Tokyo Disney Resort, the array of candies and sweets is endless, ranging from Mickey-shaped chocolates to cookies, lollipops, and more. The packaging is particularly adorable too, adding to the charm of the treats for sale. We couldn't resist bringing home some Toy Story alien mochi as a sweet reminder of our magical adventure to Tokyo Disney Resort.

Ramen - At Tokyo Disney Resort, visitors can purchase character-themed ramen noodle souvenirs, which are popular souvenirs. These souvenirs typically feature beloved Disney characters on the packaging and come in various flavors and designs. They make for fun and memorable gifts or collectibles to bring home from the parks.


Ikspiari at Tokyo Disney Resort is a bustling shopping, dining, and entertainment complex, similar to Disney Springs or Downtown Disney, offering over 140 shops, restaurants, a movie theater complex, and live entertainment for visitors to enjoy just outside the entrances to Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea. More information can be found here.

Tax-Free Shopping

Much to our surprise, Tokyo Disney Resort does not offer tax-free shopping. 

Tokyo Disney Resort ≠ Disney Store

The merchandise and souvenirs sold at Tokyo Disney Resort are unique and exclusive to Tokyo Disney Resort. Meaning, you will not find any of these items at the Disney Stores throughout Japan. The reverse is also true, the merchandise and souvenirs sold at Disney Stores throughout Japan are not sold at Tokyo Disney Resort.

Aladdin Minnie Ears_Tokyo Disney Resort

Tokyo Disney Resort Hotels

Tokyo Disney Resort offers six hotels on property, each designed to suit different preferences and budgets. They also offer convenient access to Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea. The official hotels include:

  • Tokyo Disneyland Hotel - A luxurious Victorian-themed hotel located near the entrance of Tokyo Disneyland, offering elegant accommodations, themed restaurants, and enchanting Disney touches throughout.
  • Disney Ambassador Hotel - Inspired by the Art Deco style of the 1920s and '30s, this hotel features stylish rooms, diverse dining options, and a whimsical ambiance, with direct monorail access to both parks.
  • Tokyo DisneySea Hotel MiraCosta - Nestled within Tokyo DisneySea itself, this deluxe hotel offers stunning views of the park's Mediterranean Harbor and luxurious accommodations themed after Italian seaside villages.
  • Tokyo DisneySea Fantasy Springs Hotel - A new hotel, opening in June 2024, is housed inside a new and eighth land in Tokyo DisneySea called Fantasy Springs.
  • Tokyo Disney Resort Toy Story Hotel - Inspired by the world of Toy Story, the hotel promises to immerse guests in the adventures of Woody, Buzz Lightyear, and the rest of the Toy Story gang. From themed guest rooms to interactive experiences and dining options, every aspect of the hotel reflects the charm and fun of the Toy Story movies.
  • Tokyo Disney Celebration Hotel - A budget-friendly hotel located approximately 20-minutes from Tokyo Disney Resort by complimentary shuttle bus.

Additional information, including prices and reservations, for Tokyo Disney Resort hotels can be found here.

Happy Entry

A perk of staying at one of the Tokyo Disney Resort hotels is Happy Entry. Happy Entry allows hotel guests to enter the parks 15-minutes early using a special park entrance. Park tickets are required and are not included with hotel bookings. Additional information regarding Happy Entry can be found here

Other Hotel Options

Looking to stay at Tokyo Disney Resort, but not on property? There are a number of other hotel options nearby at varying price points. Check out all there is to offer on Expedia

If you book a hotel through our Expedia affiliate link, we may earn a small commission.
Tokyo DisneySea

Getting to/from Tokyo Disney Resort

Getting from Tokyo to Tokyo Disney Resort is convenient and straightforward, with several transportation options available.

From Tokyo (Train):

The most direct route to Tokyo Disney Resort leaves from Tokyo Station. The train runs from Tokyo Station to Maihama Station (the station for Tokyo Disney Resort). If you are not staying walking distance to Tokyo Station, we recommend using Google Maps to determine the most efficient way for you to get to Tokyo Station. 

From Shibuya and Shinjuku, you can expect the journey to Tokyo Disney Resort to take approximately an hour. Otherwise, the journey from Tokyo Station to Maihama Station takes approximately 30 minutes.

JR Keiyo Line: Take the JR Keiyo Line from Tokyo Station to Maihama Station. The journey takes approximately 30 minutes. Tickets do not need to be purchased in advance. You can use your IC card to pay for your journey. Additional information regarding the JR Keiyo Line can be found here.

From Tokyo (Bus):

Leaving from Shinjuku Station, there is a direct bus to Tokyo Disney Resort. The journey takes about an hour. Please note that the departures from Shinjuku Station to Tokyo Disney Resort are only in the morning and the return buses are only in the evening. Advance reservations are not required. When departing Shinjuku Station, you can purchase your ticket from the ticket machine inside the Busta Shinjuku Station. When departing Tokyo Disney Resort, you can pay for your fare on the bus with either cash or IC card. Additional information, including timetables and fares, can be found here.

Getting Around Tokyo Disney Resort


The monorail makes getting around Tokyo Disney Resort easy. However, unlike the monorail at Walt Disney World in Orlando, FL, you have to pay to use the monorail at Tokyo Disney Resort. You can pay with your IC card and fares are ¥260 for adults (12+) and ¥130 for children. Tickets and day passes can also be purchased from machines inside each station. 

The Resort Gateway Station is the closest to Maihama Station and is likely where you will board the monorail for the first time. There are three other stations on the monorail: Tokyo Disneyland, Bayside Station (the station serving the official Tokyo Disney Resort hotels), and Tokyo DisneySea. The entire monorail loop takes 13 minutes.   

Lauren on the Tokyo Disney Resort Monorail
Lauren_Brian_Tokyo DisneySea
Green Alien Mochi at Tokyo DisneySea

Why we loved Tokyo DisneySea

We had such a magical day at Tokyo DisneySea during our visit to Tokyo Disney Resort. With limited time on our hands, we made the decision to prioritize this unique park over Tokyo Disneyland, and it turned out to be one of the best decisions of our trip. Tokyo DisneySea offers an experience unlike any other Disney park, with its breathtaking theming, immersive attractions, and stunning waterfront setting.

One of the highlights of our day at Tokyo DisneySea was the incredible variety of rides and attractions. From thrilling adventures like Journey to the Center of the Earth to whimsical journeys on attractions like 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, there was so much to enjoy. Each ride was meticulously themed and beautifully executed, transporting us to different worlds and immersing us in the magic of Disney storytelling.

Perhaps what impressed us the most about Tokyo DisneySea was the food. The dining options at the park were absolutely incredible, offering a diverse array of delicious dishes to satisfy every craving. From mouthwatering Japanese cuisine (the Japanese curry we had for lunch was divine) to unique twists on Disney favorites (crème brûlée churros we are talking about you!), we were spoiled for choice at every meal. And despite the high-quality and deliciousness of the food, we were pleasantly surprised by how affordable Tokyo Disney Resort was compared to Walt Disney World at home.

Overall, our day at Tokyo DisneySea was nothing short of magical. It was a day we'll never forget, and we can't wait to return to this enchanting oasis of imagination and adventure.

Tokyo Disney Resort: Frequently Asked Questions

When is the best time to visit Tokyo Disney Resort?

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How should I dress for Tokyo Disney Resort?

Does not speaking Japanese make it difficult to navigate Tokyo Disney Resort?

Do I need to stay on property at Tokyo Disney Resort or can I go for the day from Tokyo?

Do I need cash or can I use credit cards at Tokyo Disney Resort?

Tokyo DisneySea_Lauren holding Pistachio Popcorn
Brian with a Mickey Ukiwaman at Tokyo DisneySea

A Guide to Fast Passes at Tokyo Disney Resort

Early birds get the worm...

There are three different types of fast passes available at Tokyo Disney Resort, with more information about each type below. The main thing to remember about the fast passes at Tokyo Disney Resort is that you cannot select any of the fast passes until you are inside the park. This does not mean on the park premise, but after your admission ticket has been scanned and you are officially inside the park. From the research we did in advance of our own visit, we translated that to needing to get to the park around the time it opened. While that is accurate, we did not expect for so many people to be lined up well before the park gates open. As it turns out, visitors are known to arrive at the parks hours before they open to line up in hopes of getting the best fast passes as soon as they get inside. This is where staying at a Tokyo Disney Resort hotel gives you an upperhand. By staying at a Tokyo Disney Resort, you have Happy Entry which gives you a 15-minute head start compared to other guests as you are allowed inside of the parks 15-minutes early. 

If you want to get fast passes for particular attractions that you are set on riding, then it really is best to get to the parks early and we mean EARLY. Try to arrive at least an hour before park opening, get in line, and be prepared to wait. If you are not big on rides or are not as focused on getting fast passes, then you can arrive to the parks at anytime during the day. We found that pretty much all of the fast passes were gone by lunchtime, so just keep that in mind. There are also rules as to how frequently you can pick up fast passes. For more information, be sure to check the Tokyo Disney Resort app. 

  • Priority Pass: The Priority Pass is your traditional fast pass. The Priority Pass allows you to skip the line for select attractions at a designated time. The Priority Pass is free for park visitors, but has to be obtained via the Tokyo Disney Resort app. You must wait 120 minutes before you can obtain a second Priority Pass in the app, or after the start time of your last Priority Pass -  whichever is earlier. More information regarding the Priority Pass for both Tokyo DisneySea and Tokyo Disneyland can be found here.

  • Standby Pass: The Standby Pass is a lot like the Priority Pass, except it is for select shops and restaurants. Most of the shops that are on the Standby Pass list include ones selling limited edition merchandise and capsule toys (gachapon). More information on the Standby Pass for both Tokyo DisneySea and Tokyo Disneyland can be found here.

  • Disney Premier Access: The Disney Premier Access is available for select attractions at both parks for a fee. Similar to the Priority Pass and Standby Pass, Disney Premier Access allows you to skip the line at select attractions at your designated time. The fee for each Disney Premier Access pass varies depending on the attraction. Pricing ranges between ¥1,500-2,500 per person and per access. To purchase a Disney Premier Access pass, you must pay with a credit card. More information on Disney Premier Access for both Tokyo DisneySea and Tokyo Disneyland can be found here

Nearby Destinations